Founded in 1998, our 40 architects and designers are united by a passion for good design. But to us, good design in architecture is more than the visual end result, it must do what it was intended to do in every way – aesthetically, emotionally, functionally, financially. The result of this is seen in our work from office to hospitality, restaurant to entertainment spaces, and everything in between. Beecher Walker. A love of good design.

We have a particular depth in office, having designed over 7 million sq. ft. and counting. We have been on the ground floor in transforming Southern Salt Lake/Northern Utah counties into Silicon Slopes, setting the stage of progressive design for years to come.

Recently, many International Flags developed new brands and were anxious to get them to market. We have had the opportunity to design 4,000+ rooms for Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and others, plus complete several custom hotels, full service remodels and re-flag major existing properties.

From resort residential to affordable apartments to senior communities, Beecher Walker knows how to design living spaces for people from all walks of life. A leader in the western U.S., we have designed over 3.5 million square feet of senior/assisted living communities in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Alaska and an additional 4 million + square feet of both luxury and affordable condos, townhomes and apartments. At the forefront of all our multi-family designs is truly understanding what owners and residents want most in their new communities.

Early on, we were fortunate to work with several new franchises such as Sweet Tomatoes, Zupas, Village Baker and more, designing a look for them that has made them easily recognizable as they continue to expand their locations. We have also designed high-end restaurants such as Ruth’s Chris and Fratelli Ristorante among others.

It is extremely satisfying–and also quite fun–to design public spaces and works that are enjoyed by so many. More recently, bringing Hale Centre Theatre and Loveland Living Planet Aquarium to life was a particular thrill. With a combined 1.5 million visitors/patrons per year, we are excited to be apart of bringing such venues to the Salt Lake Valley.

When designing retail centers or stand alone entities we always make sure that four key criteria are considered. 1) it needs to be aesthetically appealing, 2) it needs to be user-friendly for patrons and employees alike, 3) there needs to be ease of access and 4) above all, the space needs to be designed to sell.

Industrial space design gets a bad rap for not being very exciting. But we beg to differ! We’ve made it a point to put style back into industrial space design. Architecture is both functional and visual and to create a truly successful design, both must equally be considered. Just take a look at our over 4 million square feet of it!

From classical to modern, from grand to discreet, our residential designs vary as much as the personalities of our clients. In fact, the personalities and lifestyle needs and wants of each client is exactly what drives each design. Don’t see something here that fits you? Just stop by and let’s get acquainted and let the ball roll from there.

After over 20 years in business, we are happy to continually have projects of all types, sizes and challenges on the boards. Check back often to see their progress and what’s new on the horizon at Beecher Walker.